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Established in November 2015, ODIGA is a technology start-up based in London, UK.

We focus on developing neuromorphic vision system for application in real-life. Our recent focus has been on traffic safety,

with emphasis on pedestrian & cyclist detection in adverse environments.

Philip Han, Co-Founder & CEO


Philip is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of ODIGA, a tech-start-up firm specialising in neuromorphic vision. Prior to finding ODIGA, he was a researcher at KAIST working on neuromorphic visual processing, and applying the concept into the connected cars. He had also spent three years at Samsung Electronic's UK office, working as a marketing analyst.


Philip holds an MRes in Bioengineering and MSc in History of Science, Technology and Medicine, both from Imperial College London and a BSc in Mathematics from King's College London.

I-S Han, Co-Founder


Dr. Han is the Co-founder of ODIGA. With over 30 years of experience in research and engineering, he has been focusing on technology innovation by neural network and ASIC since 1989. His most recent work at KAIST includes development of new engineering prototype based on neuromorphic vision for the automotive and medical imaging industry. Also he has diverse range of  innovative research, from Electric Vehicle to RF VLSI for mobile communication.


Dr. Han has extensive experience not just in academia, but also in business, having worked in telecommunication and ICT industry in both UK and Korea.